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    Unanswered: Drop box_cloud storage

    To avoid more loading on brilliant database application I am thinking of storing the attachment file on drop box and only its links are stored in the BD records.Is it possible to write some script so that this process(private link is automatically fetched) is automated through BD.
    Further we can send this link to anyone through mail!
    Any help or idea?

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    I've been thinking about this and I'm not able to come up with a direct solution that allows for this to work.

    I did do some research and there are apparently intermediate services you can use that will allow you to FTP a file, and the service does the transfer to Drop Box. Problem is, you never know the final path to the file you uploaded.

    But this all seems like trying to reinvent the wheel. Why use this service with drop box when you can just buy a typical hosting package, get your IP address and setup an FTP on that account without actually uploading a website.

    At least that way if you had your own FTP address on your hosting package, you would have full control. Far more than drop box will give you, plus you can use the ip address as part of the url to allow the users to download the files. Plus you can protect directories.


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    Thank you James for your suggestion.

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