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    Unanswered: Tell two different tables they really contain the same data

    I'm not sure how to ask this....

    I have tables A & B. Both contain a Name field, however, data was entered into table A as "SMITH, J" and table B as "John Smith".

    Is there a way to make access recognize the two are the same? I do not have the option of changing one or the other's spelling.

    Feeling sheepish!

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    The easiest way would be to add a new column to table A and fill it with unique data, then add a similar column to the table B and put the value from table A into the matching rows in Table B. This adds data to the tables, but doesn't change any of the existing data.

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    So basically, add a column to table A with say "A" beside SMITH, J, "B" beside JONES, A, and to table B with "A" beside John Smith? "B" beside Allan Jones? Will give it a try and reply.

    Yesterday I was thinking, however, in code....for some reason I was trying to figure out a way to tell it that one is the same as the other, possibly similar to VLOOKUP in excel - if you see this, put that. It is possible, no?

    You're way will be much less painful.

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