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    Unanswered: Tracking address changes in Access

    Hey all! As a warning, I am very new to Access programming. I'm in the beginning stages of re-designing a database to track and log students. Our basic function is to document contact (both successful and attempted) to reach students after graduation.

    At this stage- I'm looking for a way to automatically log a change ) made to permanent or current addresses for each individual in our database(date the change was made, and what it was changed from). It doesn't matter whether it is logged in a new table or the same one that contains the current student data.

    Can anyone walk me through these steps? Thank you!

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    Basically, I would do this with two Tables, one for Students (with a StudentID as a Primary Key) and one for Student Addresses, with StudentID as a Foreign Key) and a Date Field. Use these Tables in a Main Form (Students) and Subform (Addresses) and sort the Subform on the Date Field, making the current address appear at the top.

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    Hope this helps!

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    I'd agree with Missingling, but I'd also add another table to track the changes. do a google search on (IIRC) allen browne audit trail to handle what was changed.

    also consider using the network logon and computer id if you need to know who did the dirty deed. google dev ashish api
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