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    Unanswered: Report with concatenated field incl. sum-count, requests parameter??

    In the footer of a report, I created a concatenated string in an unbound box, using same approach as always re concatenating:

    ="Number = " & Sum([Count]) & " / Amount = $" & Sum([AMT])

    The only thing is that when I open this report, a popup comes up asking:

    "Enter Parameter value" for Count

    I figured out that just typing in a 1 would get me the right results. But how does one fix it so that one doesn't have any popup come up. I did the exact same thing to another report and it doesn't induce this popup.

    Please advise and thanks!

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    Hard to visualize without any data or screenshots! Compare the record source for the 2 reports and see if anything jumps out at you.As a suggestion, I would consider using a Nz function just in case no criteria is met.Finally , as a last resort, add code to set the value to 1.

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