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    Unanswered: Sybase Interview Questions ( Need Answers)

    Hello All,
    I have a few set of doubts for which I could not find answers
    Any help would be appreciated:

    1) How do we check if a dump file is not corrupt ( In this case, there is no error shown in the logs for the dump file)?
    2) If a LOAD on a Db fails from a dump, what are the steps that we need to check ?
    3) How do we check if a LOAD for a Db has been completed successfully?
    4) How do we check if the indexes on a particular table are not corrupt?

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    how to run more than 1 database file in same server name in sqlanywhere50

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    1) DBCC
    2) First step...single user mode
    3) After (100%) LOADED, finished clearing database pages and bring the database online.
    4) When select statement takes too long you can run a store procedure to fixit

    Hope my reading of 20mins helps u!

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