I do not know about the rest of you - but the wizard created forms for 2010 suck. Sorry - I had to say that for lack of a better word - they just suck In their infinite wisdom Microsoft has moved away from the fact that some people actually use their applications for work and not just fun with big fonts and field boxes and huge form titiles. Unike the way of the web-page where what you really need to do and see is about 25% of the page, people who work in real business applications and data basses like to get as much on that page as possible especially when it comes to mutirow subforms and data views.

Interestingly enough as like fashion and other visual effects for marketing - things are coming back full circle to "Flat" appearances less colors and pizazz - just look at how Outlook.com now looks.

Anyway with that said - is there a way to use a 2003 theme format for wizards to apply?

I though there used to be that option in the wizard (maybe in 2007) but is now not available yet more and more you see designs going back to simple flat small field design.

Any help would be appreciated.