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    Unanswered: Access - Popup Reminder

    Good morning
    I have been asked to build a simple Access database to tract applications received, and applications sent to various sections which I have done. My manager is now asking for reminders. On the main application form there is a DateSent Field(date the application was sent). She want three reminders one 14 days after the DateSent, 30 days after the DateSent and 42 days after the DateSent.
    She want this to be a popup box. So for instance if she logs on today and it is 14 days after DateSent, she must be able to see all those records, and the same for 30 days and 42 days. I am not sure how to proceed.
    Can anyone advise?

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    like all such questions dealing with a relational database
    the first thing to do is to marshall the data, ie build a query having got the query then you can move on and think about the presentation (which in this case is just another form. think f a form as a way of displaying data from a query. that query can be a single table or it can be a query showing data from multiple tables or just some columns from one or more tables.

    so you query needs to report those (presumably who haven't responded) within your target. Id probably design some table which allowed the manager to specify the reporting intervals. what you could do is calculate the elapsed number of days
    so you need to exclude rows which you have received a reply and calcuate the elapsed time in days

    datediff("d",mydatecolumn,date()) as ElapsedDays

    your where clause would include
    ABS(datediff("d",mydatecolumn, date())) >=14
    this will return all rows whose datecolumn is 14 days or more
    AND ...
    what ever it is in your db to exclude those rows that you have got a response

    you can refine that using a compound IIF to redefine the elapsed days as a grouping
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    Thank you will give it a try

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