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    Question need help with what are the relationships in this problem

    Suppose you are designing a database for a bank. There are entities Account, Branch, Account_Owner, etc. Account_Owner is a person. There are different types of accounts, and Account represents all possible types of accounts, such as checking, saving, loans, etc. Accounts can be owned by a person or by a married couple. If a person owns Account, the spouse may be assigned as a second owner later. Accounts can be open in a Branch, and this Branch is associated with this Account for the life of the Account. What are the connectivites between Account and Account_Owner as well as between Account and Branch? Why?

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    Id suggest you draw each entity
    define the important data
    identify any priamary keys

    sometimes, when thinking about entities and realtionships it helps if you think in terms A has many B

    eg a branch has many accounts, a person have none, one or more accounts, and not all those accounts are held at the same branch
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