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    Unanswered: Update records from query results


    I am very new to programming in MS Access and I am not working in this field. So please be patient with me or delete this post if inappropriate. I have a database with two tables. I need to run sequentially through the first table and for every record run a query on a second table. The records returned contains information I want to use to update two fields in the current record in the first table. The query works fine and returns the top 2 records of the second table (sorted randomly). How to do it ?

    btw: I can make the db layout and query code available, but not sure how to do it within the forum rules.


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    Why do u want to update a feild if u are already storing the data
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

    StePhan McKillen
    the aim is store once, not store multiple times
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Let me explain why I want to duplicate the data.

    The program is for an old age home where my wife is working. They need to do "wash lists" every day. It takes them a good 30-45 minutes every day to do it. I want to help them eliminate the need to do it manually. So the first table contains the names and ward numbers of the old folks (table Residents). Second table contains the names of the care takers (table Washers).

    Now what makes it difficult are the rules:
    1) A washer may not work in the same ward as the day before
    2) Some residents must be washed early in the morning, meaning a washer already washing someone early must be excluded from another early morning wash allocation
    3) Some residents needs two washers, the others only one washer

    Does it make sense ?

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