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    Unanswered: Mergefields [Solved]

    Hopefully just a quick question.

    I have a mail merge running off an acess query. One of the results it returns, a number, has a decimal point after it. I need there to be no decimal point and just return the whole number.

    I've attempted a couple of mergefield codes on google.

    mynumber \# "#,##"
    \# "#x"

    None seem to work and most results are for a certain number of decimal places, which when I try to change to none, make no difference. Which field code should I be using?

    EDIT: I have solved the problem myself.

    I used \# ###x this is because I need 4 places so 114 displays as 0114 for example. My mistake above was using quotations.

    For just 0 decimal places use \# 0x if you don't want to specify minimum digits.
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