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    Unanswered: Student results in a database

    I am trying to build a database that stores student results, but facing a few problems. I have grouped them all together as I am not sure if the answer to one of the problems depends on the other!

    I have three tables set up:
    The first storing student data:
    (Table name: tblStudentData)
    StudentID FirstName Surname TargetGrade ClassID
    1 Bob Thurman C 1
    2 Phill Everitt D 1

    The second storing Class details:
    (Table name: tblClassDetails)
    ClassID ClassCode
    1 Class 71
    2 Class 72

    The third storing Results:
    (Table name: tblResultsData)
    ResultID StudentID Result DateAssessed
    1 1 Level 3 26/08/2012
    2 2 Level 5 26/08/2012
    3 1 Level 4 30/08/2012
    4 2 Level 4 31/08/2012
    5 2 Level 6 01/09/2012

    The tables are linked by tblStudentData.ClassID to tblClassDetails.ClassID and
    tblStudentData.StudentID to tblResultsData.StudentID.

    I want to create a form that has a combobox that has a list of the classes (Class71, Class 72). On the same form is a table. Selecting the class in the combobox automatically updates the form with students only in this class.

    Problem one:
    The table on the form needs to have 7 columns:
    The Third most recent result
    The second most recent result
    The First most recent result
    A blank column for the teacher to enter a new result.

    It should look like this:
    Bob,Thurman,C,,Level 5, Level 4
    Phill, Everitt,D,Level 5, Level 4, Level 6
    And so on for the other 28 students

    The first three are easy, as is the most recent result using 'max'. However, I cannot get the second and third results, and not sure how to get them into the same table.
    Also not sure how to get Access to give me a blank column for adding data into.

    Problem Two:
    I then need a command button that when pressed writes the data that the teacher has entered in the blank column into the results table.

    Any help would be gratefully received! I am a novice in Access and SQL (I know the basics) but am fairly good with Excel and VBA.

    Many thanks!
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    If your tables are linked correctly and you have linked your form correctly, then creating a combobox will fill in the form as it is only a filter.Have you created the form yet? Tried creating a combo? Post the results!

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    I have the combo box bit of it working. Just need help on the query and the writing of the data. Thanks!

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