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    Unanswered: Need Urgent Help in Joining 2 tables

    I have 2 tables SEC_MASTER_HISTA and SEC_MASTER_HISTB.
    Now, I need to compare the data of the two tables column-wise.
    So can anyone help me figure this out?? Ideally the 2 tables should have the same security_alias values but in my case they do not as the two tables belong to 2 diff client models. There is however a main SECURITY_MASTERA and SECURITY_MASTERB tables which have the security_alias recorded and a primary_asset_id column value which can act as a link between SEC_MASTER_HISTA and SEC_MASTER_HISTB. But, I have not been able to figure out the exact query which will be ideal.
    Attached are the table structures and the data it contains.
    Note: I need to compare the Coupon and Freq column values of SEC_MASTER_HISTA and SEC_MASTER_HISTB.
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