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    Question Unanswered: Inventory Stock Valuation Techniques


    I have a database for each following departments

    1. Purchases (grn, grn return)
    2. Sales (deliveries, delivery/sale return)
    3. Stores (store issues, returns, production receive, lost, found)

    Now I have an separate database for stock movements, each time there is a transaction in either of the above departments, data will be replicated/copied/updated into stock movement tables

    Now I have complete stock movement register in a single table ( stock movements )

    I wrote some procedures to calculate stock valuation for each item including running totals, moving average rate fro each transaction etc.

    Now the problem is every time a departmental database is updated/inserted/deleted I have to run valuation process again so that valuation need to be ready for critical reporting i.e. consumption reports, production costing etc

    My stock_movement table have multi-milltion rows/transactions for each item, so online valuation is taking time and form-submission is slow

    any suggestions


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    how about triggers?

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