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Thread: hide tabs?

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    Unanswered: hide tabs?

    I have a questionnaire with several tabs. I would like to hide the tabs and have users navigate to each tab by clicking the "next" button at the bottom. Is there a way to disable the click on the tab so that if you click on the tab nothing happens and the only way to navigate around is by the buttons?

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    Dim blnLocked As Boolean
    Dim oldPageIndex As String
    Dim Disabled As String
    blnLocked = Not blnLocked
    If blnLocked Then Me.TabCtl27.Pages(2).Caption = oldPageIndex & "(Disabled)"
    Substitute your TabCtl and Page of course.
    You will also have to re-enable it with your command button code.

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    if i re-enable with my button code then i will be able to navigate to all previous tabs, correct?

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