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    Unanswered: federated syntqx

    db2 ese 9.7 fp7 on windows with federation to sql/server
    when developers request sample data to fill a drop down panel
    they execute against a nickname : select .. from nick fetch first x rows only
    we notice that this results in a complete table read in sqlserver because of a large table : response time is about 1min
    if we specify with a predicate that uses index = no problem
    in sqlserver there is anyhow a possibility to specify select top 10....
    which is equivalent for fetch first x rows only
    the question would be : as this option is not being translated to sqlserver, is there a possibility to have this translated or to force this option.. ?
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    You can try setting the PLAN_HINTS server option to 'Y', DB2 may be able to send additional information to the remote. Alternatively, you can issue SET PASSTHRU <server name> before executing the query, in that case the query text will be sent to the remote without DB2 parsing it. Obviously, in that case you will use the SQL Server syntax.
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