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    Unanswered: Sql0551n

    DB2 V9.7
    OS: AIX
    Single partitioned environment

    Getting the below error.

    SQL0551N: User usdwq doesn't have the required authorization or prvilege to perform select on object xxxxxx

    Infact user usdw1 is present in a group and that group has select access to that particular object. But still I am getting this error.

    One thing which I noticed is that the grantor of this privilege doesn't have the grant option anymore... Does this cause the access to be revoked ?
    The grantor was not the instance owner.

    Later when I tried to grant access to the group as instance owner, the issue was resolved.

    But I would like to know why this issue happened despite the fact that the group had the required privilege

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    If the grantor of a select privilege is not the instance owner and if grantor ID has been taken out from the system does it affect the privileges the grantor has granted ?

    In my case the grantor is also the same user who has created the table. So he is the table owner as well.

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