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    Unanswered: change lpar for IDS


    I post on this forum because I need Information about a change of place of my IDS.

    Today, I have one lpar, the lpar A with IDS, Informix 4GL and esql/c(.ec) programs.

    We want put the IDS on a lpar B and keep the Informix 4GL and esql/c(.ec) on the lpar B.

    my approach should be :
    - backup of the lpar A nstance and restore on the lpar B
    - change the sqlhost file
    - change the environment variables
    - stop of the instance on the lpar A

    My questions are :

    If I keep the IDS on the lpar A with the instance stopped, do I use a use licence for the product ?

    If I keep the product, do I need to install the informix SDK for the informix 4gl and esql/c(.ec) programs ?

    Do you see other add to put this action ?

    thanks in advance

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    strange noone answsered yet....
    Question #1: if the instance is stopped, it is not considered as consuming a license
    Question #2: not clear. If you mean if you keep the product on lpar A, you do not need to install neither SDK or 4GL on this machine A again, because they are already present and functional. This will be even easier because you will need no changes for the application users. the only difference is that you must change the hostname in the sqlhost file (going to lparB instead of lparA)
    You also do NOTneed to install 4GL & CSDK on lpar B

    Other add is: test! :-)

    Have fun

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