Hi All,
I am new to this forum/MS access. I need your help.
I have created a database & Data access page (DAP). This data base has been placed in the share drive. Eg :
Link : \\\Dashboard Testing\Dashboard\Page1.htm
I have shared this link to my team members to access through browser (IE 5 & above).
I can view the page & I can update the data in the DAP & even the data is getting saved in the ms access but apart from me other users who are trying to access this link cant edit the details & save the data. They can view the fields (Text box) but they cant view the data in the list (List option). When they click on new & save nothing happening.

Can you please let me know if DAP can be used by mulit users ?

Can this page can be used at same time by different users ?
How to enable for multi user ?
What might be the reasons why the others users cant edit or not able to make any updates. ?

Thanks in advance