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    Unanswered: reduce tablespace

    i want to reduce size of below tablespace
    Tablespace ID = 101
    Name = TS_RPP_DATA_DEC_12
    Type = Database managed space
    Contents = All permanent data. Large table space.
    State = 0x0000
    Detailed explanation:
    Total pages = 1444672
    Useable pages = 1444656
    Used pages = 272
    Free pages = 1444384
    High water mark (pages) = 624
    Page size (bytes) = 16384
    Extent size (pages) = 16
    Prefetch size (pages) = 192
    Number of containers = 1

    but when ever i tried to
    db2 "alter tablespace TS_RPP_DATA_DEC_12 reduce (all 100m)"
    it gives me below error
    bash-3.2$ db2 "alter tablespace TS_RPP_DATA_DEC_12 reduce (all 100m)"
    DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a
    valid Command Line Processor command. During SQL processing it returned:
    SQL20170N There is not enough space in the table space "TS_RPP_DATA_DEC_12"
    for the specified action. Reason code = "1". SQLSTATE=57059

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    what I would try
    alter tablespace tsname resize (all containers 1000 )
    at least above the high water mark..
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    What version of DB2 was this created? Could be wrong but I seem to remember to perform a reduce with an alter command the tablespace must have been created in db2 v9.7 or above

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