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    Unanswered: Vlookup - i am confused

    I should actually know this but I am confused....

    I never usually use a vlookup in this way so thus confused?

    If I have a table of names and values next to it and there are multiple entries for each name and I use a vlookup to find the value next to the name, what is it going to bring back?! I expected it to be the first entry against the name but that does not seem to be the case on my spreadsheet. Saying that, having started a brand new spreadsheet, it behaves as predicted but if I copy the original table into the new spreadsheet, it starts misbehaving again....

    This is roughly what it looks like:

    Tom 5
    Tom 6
    Kate 1
    Tom 3
    Kate 8


    The formula is vlookup('kate', a1:b5, 2)
    I expected it to return 1 but it returns 8!

    Can anyone help?

    And please dont mention using index or so, this is for a training manual and I was asked to incl vlookup.

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    Not sure how you get it to work with apostrophy delimiters but try this
    =VLOOKUP("kate", A1:B5, 2,FALSE)



    p.s. there is more info on VLookup in Excel Help

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