Greetings everyone!

We are facing an interesting problem and now we are trying to find a solution. Let me describe a situation first.

Our infrastructure is based on DB2 Enterprise Edition server, which works great. We have lots of notebook clients with an application, that can also work in kind of offline mode. For that reason, we installed DB2 Express-C and TomCat application server on those client notebooks. Computers are now able to work in offline mode and they sync as soon as then find a solid uplink.

And now the problem...

problem exists on client side. Clients are working dynamically, changing locations a lot. So, whenever they are done at one place, they physically close the computer ( put it in sleep mode or hibernation ) and after when they want to turn computer ( on some other location ) on again, DB2 Express-C and TomCat are corrupted. We usually lose all the data, which is not on the main server yet.

We are wondering, what can we do to stop the system cleanly. What kind of preventive actions could solve those problems? Any information would be greatly appreciated.