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    Unhappy Unanswered: Issues accessing access using ODBC over network

    Hey guys, I'm a little stuck communicating to the access db using an ODBC driver over a network. The software I'm using to access access, Kepware, can find the database, can see the tables inside, and can even recognize the column names when I add the table. That's as far as it gets though. It cannot autogenerate tags for the table which implies that there is some sort of communication or permissions issue.

    When tested locally, Kepware has no issue connecting to the access db and autogenerating tags for it. However, when I try to access the database from another server on the same network, that is when the communications issues begin. This leads me to believe that this issue is explicitly related to the network, or the security of the computer hosting the database.

    Do you guys know if something could be blocking the communication - any tips help!

    Thanks, Th1nker.

    Edit 1: Also wanted to ask, do you guys know any software that I could use to test the ODBC connection and troubleshoot it?
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    Well, nobody really responded to this, but I managed to find a solution. Basically, the ODBC driver for kepware has issues. It can pretty much only work on a local level. As long as the kepware and the Access database are on the same machine, it works with out a hitch. Unfortunately, it did not meet our needs since the database and the logger were on separate machines.

    The solution we opted for was to use Access's built on ODBC linked table. We were hesitant at first because we were worried it shares the same issues as a federated table, but were very surprised to see that it performs like magic. Basically, it links to a table in MySQL, updates it immediately as soon as a log comes in to MS Access, and still works on the MySQL end if there is no connection. The MySQL table functions identically to regular tables and experienced no speed drops. Inversely, the Access table stopped functioning if the connection was lost as the data was not hosted locally. There are still a few issues to work out, but it is otherwise fine.

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