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    Unanswered: Is a File DNS possible with the access driver for ODBC?

    After hundreds of attempts and dozens of work around, I feel a bit defeated.

    My goal is to create a DSN which I will be able to access from another computer on the network. I have had trouble with user DNS and system DNS and it looks like the reason is that they are both stored in the registry. While I could access the data source on a superficial level (see the table name and column name,) I was unable to get any more functionality out of it. File DNS seemed like the best bet from, but that option seems to be disabled with the access driver.

    My question is whether it is even possible to communicate with access using ODBC over a network, or whether it simply can't be done?

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    If Server and Client machines are on the same network and if you have access rights on both it is better to map the target location as a local drive and link the tables to your database.

    Without mapping the Server Folder to your client side machine you can directly reference the target with full server location address: \\ServerName\Foldername\Database to link the tables to your database. This is a better method than mapping to a drive letter.

    Client Machines on the same Network also can be linked together (Pier-to-Pier) by the same method explained above, provided if you know the target machine's network name and you have access rights.

    DSN is created and stored on the local machine to access external data sources. To create DSN, external data source's driver must be installed on the local machine. As far as I know the DSN created on one machine cannot be used from another machine on the network.

    Refer this link for some details:

    Linking with IBM AS400 Tables/

    The IBM AS400 Client side ODBC Driver must be available (this will be installed when AS400 client side software is installed) on the local machine to create a DSN and access rights to iSeries Tables also required. The above link deals with a System DSN Creation.
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    Also u must have AS400 LOGIN that has access to the said table/files
    hope this help

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