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    Unanswered: From thats ran from a query. User can't close until values are Null

    I have a form called frmCartonsWithVariance which has a hidden field called variance. This is being used as an inventory check that should always result in zero. Basically someone pulled 3 cases of product X and a check has to check that there are 3 cases and if there isn't theres a variance. The reason the variance field is hidden is to create a blind check to prevent the checker from just entering the number the user picked.

    When this form opens i have it append all records with a zero value in the variance field to a table called tblCompletedCartons. Those that have a variance get shown on this report. I have them an upload button that sends anything that has been corrected and has a zero variance to the tblcompletedcartons table. My question is how do I make so the form will not close until the variance for all records equal zero? The goal is to allow him to hit the upload button three times and if that doesn't work we need a manager to over ride the count. I am okay with settling for an override button that would prompt the user for a manager Username/password which once its verified sends the bad count to the tblcompletedcartons.

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    Set the form to Modal and then with no Close button and instead use your code for the conditions you want!

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