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    Unanswered: Slow when switching to design view

    Windows 7 professional 64bit 8G ram
    core i5 -2520M CPU @2.5GHz

    The switch from viewing a form in edit mode to design view is excruciatingly slow (~3min). Once I am in design mode, there is no slow down however. The same thing occurs when in design mode I try to edit a subform (from a form).
    What is going on? Any fix. I used to work on earlier versions of Access and never had this issue.

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    If you create a persistent connection to the backend this should resolve the issue.

    I create a tblConnection in the backend with a single field, and a single record "dummy". When you have the database open to do modifications etc, just open tblConnection and minimize it. Designview should be back to normal speed.

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