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    Question Unanswered: Disconnected linked table causing errors. Can the errors be disabled?

    Is it possible to disable or code around the errors that occur when Access tries to log to an ODBC linked table when the connection is lost or non-existent?

    We have a machine in another facility that uses Access as its database. Our standard is MySQL so we are using a linked table in Access to store the data on MySQL. Since the connection is over a network, it is conceivable that we will lose the connection (rarely, but possible.) To mitigate the data loss, we have Access logging to a local table, and the linked table simultaneously. Unfortunately, attempting to log to a disconnected linked table causes errors.

    Is it possible to write code that will stop this error from occurring?

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    Update: It is possible to use onerror and a jump/label. Instead of popping up the error, it would execute whatever code is under the label.

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    Set warnings can be used to hide of show errors
    The use of on error gotoxxxxx can bd usex to implement an error handler. It is t as robust as the bewer try catch block
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