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    Question Unanswered: Access 2007 How to Compare/Contrast Data, 2 tables


    I am totally new to Access. I have 2 spreadsheets in Excel format. They contain similar information (name, employee number, effective date, contract number, department) however were generated as different reports. I need transfer the excel spreadsheets to MS Access 22007 and compare the two reports to show what information from Report #1 does not match Report #2 (i.e. if the spelling the name is incorrect or the contract number is incorrect). I was thinking the reports should be sorted by employee number since those are unique. The same employee should show up on both reports however, their department may be different in one report than the other. Is this even best done in MS Access? I have over 400,000 different employee numbers to compare. I also am unsure if the information should be on two different tables in Access or two separate databases all together...please help! Thank you!
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