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    Question Unanswered: Excel 2007 change date format


    Currently my excel spreadsheet shows m/dd/yyy (example 9/15/2012). I would like it to show dd/mm/yyy (example 15/09/12). Is there anyway to do this without re-typing everything? I have selected the dates and tried to format the cells to "date" (before they were just showing "general") but it is not working.

    I tried =TEXT(A1, "dd/mm/yyyy") but I must be doing something wrong because it just keeps the format at 9/15/2012.

    Help! Thank you!
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    1. Select a cell to be formatted i specific date format.
    2. Right click and choose "Format Cells...".
    3. In the "Number" tab select "Custom" and type the format you want. For example:
    4. Click "OK" button.

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