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    Unanswered: Calculating in Select Query?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to access and I'm having some issues with queries and calculating.
    I have a database that houses the accuracy and production for each individual employee. I need to calculate the production accuracy for the whole department not just individuals.

    In this instance I need the monthly accuracy for the department. I have a table with the information listed.
    Table1 Fields:
    Employee ID
    Month Ending
    Quarter Ending
    Year Ending

    My select query works just fine and pulls the info I need. It pulls the sum of the "Review" and the sum of the "Reject". Here is my select query:

    SELECT Sum(Table1.Review) AS SumOfReview, Sum(Table1.Reject) AS SumOfReject, Table1.[Month Ending]
    FROM Table1
    GROUP BY Table1.[Month Ending]
    HAVING (((Table1.[Month Ending])=[Month Ending Date]));

    Now I need to take those sums do a calculation to get the accuracy.

    Can I do this all together in one query? Or do I need to append this to a new table and run an update query to calculate the accuracy onto my the new table?

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    Any reason why you cant add (1-([Reject]/[Review])) to your existing qry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjkuffel View Post
    Can I do this all together in one query?

    Just be careful when doing the accuracy calculation that you cast the rejects and reviewed as decimal or numeric or real so that you are not dividing integers.

    select SUM(reject)  Reject, 
           SUM(review) Review, 
           1 - cast(sum(Reject) as real) / cast(sum(Review) as real) Accuracy,
      from @emps
      group by Month_Ending

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