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    Unanswered: Have unused space but still couldnt insert records

    Am using sybase DB.
    I have use created objects "TABLE1",

    1> sp_spaceused TABLE1
    2> go
    name rowtotal reserved data index_size unused
    ---------------------------------- ---------------- ----------------
    TABLE1 2587 128 KB 112 KB 0 KB 16 KB

    (1 row affected)
    (return status = 0)

    Was able to insert records upto "2587" rows.But couldn't insert more records even if i have "16KB" as unused space.

    In all , I allocated around 35MB to the database in which 8MB was unused and i couldn't insert into any of the tables in the database.

    What could be the reason?? What should i do in order to utilize full space allocated(So that unused will be 0KB)???


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    I'm really new on Sybase but.... have you created the database device and added to your db?

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