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    Database design help (normalisation)

    I've spent countless hours researching about normalization. I have some understanding on 1& 2NF but I still do not understand. I've tried removing all 3NF violations from my ERD and based on my current understanding of 3NF I think it is correct but I would like someone to have a look to see if I am correct. Can anyone see any normalization violation in the attached ERD? or any other type of issues?. This is supposed to be a logical model of a wildlife park

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    No, I can't see any problems.

    FWIW, here at DBForums you will tend to get specific answers to specific questions. If you ask "Is there anything wrong with this diagram?" then the most likely responses will be either "Yes." or "No."

    If you post a diagram and ask "Does the relationship I've drawn between sprockets and widgets allow for the case of multiple widgets per sprocket?" then you're more likely to get the kind of answers that you would like.

    We won't do your homework for you. If we appear to be doing your homework for you, be very, VERY nervous about the answer you receive!

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