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    Hi there forum,

    I've recently posted a thread on a concept design which I would like to take further but have been unsuccessful in receiving a response.

    To offer more clarity, I would like to go and use the online resources that my University provide me in gaining a stronger knowledge of the subject so that I can get my concept across.

    I would like someone to point me in the right direction and what it is that I am trying to achieve in the database world. The idea is for two types of customers to upload details on a website, the website then stores theses details, the online database analyzes both sets of data and finds the perfect match (using correlations and nearest neighbour methods (SPSS).) The information is then sent to the users accounts to meet their requirements.

    Thank you.

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    I think that it is an excellent idea for you to pursue!

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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