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    Things needed for standard db

    Please i'm still a novice i want to know all the things needed to be implemented to build a standard hospital database e.g transactions, index and so on please i will really appreciate it.

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    What have you come up with already?

    If you want to know "all the things needed" then you're either going to have to spend an extremely long time learning and practising (hence why you need to at least make your own attempt here) or pay a professional.

    Is this a homework assignment?
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    Define 'standard'
    Ferinstance if this app is intended for the NHS in the uk then i doubt you need worry about insurers, whereas in the US you'd have to.
    If the hospital is specialised say in cosmetic surgery or natal as opposed to a general hospital then the requirements are different

    Fundamentally some things are common eg hospitals have patients who are treated by medics, nursed by nurses in specific facilities (wards treatment rooms). Although patients may havd little or no say in it they are treated in specific appointments.
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