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    Unanswered: Layout Problems

    I import races into Excel but it has grown to a large spreadsheet and has its limitations. I have successfully imported a small test database of results. So far I have the form in the database with the tables and relationships below but when I try to make a layout to view the form I get the horse name and 1 line of form,when I scroll down the same horse displays again with it's next run. I think it's because I have failed to fill the foreign keys in the horse_Race table, or got the relationships wrong. I also want to add a Todays runners table but am not sure how to relate it to the existing tables Is it possible to achieve these aims in filemaker or am I barking up the wrong tree. I am at an Impasse but I'm sure it's to do with the relationships somewhere? Tables as follows:-Course:- pk_Course_ID, Course,Horse:- pk_Horse_ID,Horse
    Races:- pk_Race_ID,Course,Rdate,Rtime,Going,Age,Furs,Class ,Ran,Horse_Race;- pk_Run_ID,fk_Course_ID,fk_Horse_ID,fk_Races_ID,Cou rse,RDate,Rtime,Going,Age,Furs,Class,Ran,Pos,Drw,T Btn,Horse,Wgt,MARK,GRD,WA,AA,BHB,BHBAdj,RATING,PPL
    Relationships from primary key in each table to foreign keys in Horse_race table.
    My aims are as follows.. VIEW ATTACHED PDF
    1. To view EACH individual horse and its FORM in date order latest run at the top
    2. To add a todays runners table with races and runners from each of the days races that would loop through each horse and search the database to display the horses and their last 3 ratings latest on the right plus the TOP 9 R
    How do I add the todays runners table which has the following data
    Date Time,Course,Furs,HorseNo Horse
    How will it be related to the tables I already have? Many thanks
    Davey H
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