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    Unanswered: module will not work properly

    hello, i have a situation. i am creating a school database system, ive suddenly stocked in the module function. i created form that register student every year. in my query, i want the user to calculate all registered student in each year. i succeeded in doing that using my parameter in my query date field and a function in my vba module

    Function ParmValue() As Date
    ParmValue = InputBox("date here")
    End Function


    now i want that the chosen date should be displayed on my report label call "lblyear". the thing is i just cant call any control in my function. why?, can anyone help me please?

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    Use a Textbox, instead of a label, and write the expression:

    in the Control Source Property of the Textbox.

    If you are using Access2007 or later version of Access then you may assign a Date into a Temporary Variable and use that value.

    Function ParmValue() As Date
    Tempvars.Add "ParmValue", InputBox("date here")
    End Function
    You can also do it in a Macro with the SetTempvar Action.

    1. Use the Value in Query criteria expression Tempvars![ParamValue]
    2. Use it in a Textbox on the Report, in place of Label, with the expression =Tempvars![ParamValue]
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