First post here. I'm not sure the forum is an appropriate place to ask what I want to ask. The description of this part of the forum says this is a place to ask questions without getting flamed so here goes.

I'm wanting to find someone to build a simple database and web based UI for me preferably using PostgresQL. It's not going to be a huge project but I do want it done right so it would be ideal for a gifted college student needing some cash or a side job for a professional.

I currently have a set of spreadsheets I use to manage my business. When I enter data in to one spreadsheet, I have to enter the same data in at least 2 other spreadsheets. There are also manual calculations I make every time in the first spreadsheet that could surely be automated somehow. It is tedious and I would prefer to automate things a bit more.

Most of the jobs posted in the Jobs section are much more in depth and are full time opportunities. I feel like there is a good chance something like this would not be seen by people who might be interested in that location. Is there some place on this or another forum where it might get the type of traffic that would result in me finding someone suitable? Thanks.