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    Unanswered: Please help a noob with some query syntax


    First time poster so sorry if this lacks specificity.

    All I know about our database is that it is Db2, assuming a fairly recent version. This is a very basic syntax question so i'm hoping the lack of that kind of information won't matter.

    As part of a SELECT statement, one of the columns i'm selecting is 'course_outline'. At the moment it is (as it should) returning the actual value within each 'course_outline' cell that I have joined to the 'course' column/table.

    Rather than returning the actual 'course_outline' value, I just want to return something that tells me whether or not there is a value in the cell.

    Logically it would play out as

    course_outline.course_outline <-- (return value 'yes' if cell is not null)
    from course
    INNER JOIN course_outline ON course_outline.course_id = course.course_id

    I have no idea what clause to use to make this happen.

    Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    have a look at case :CASE
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    Thankyou - feeling like less of a noob now. Have massively expanded my ability to write useful queries.

    However, I did find this tutorial on CASE to be a lot more helpful: DB2 SQL examples

    Thanks again.

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