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    Unanswered: Retore into other instance


    I have informix 11.50 instance running with several databases, and i intending to restore this precise instance into an other server. For the simple reason of using it for tests and future development.

    here is the problem, the main server as instance of ifx 11.50.UC3
    with several chunks, and, i'm performing the backup using the command:

    ontape -d -s -L 0

    the second on as an instance of 11.50.UC9DE, has a different name server of the 1º and just one chunk.

    What i intend is to restore database by database (avoiding dbexport). how can i processed?

    Sorry but i'm a bit nobie in informix backup and restore system.

    Appreciate the help.
    Best regards.

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    Hi exemplo,

    first of all, bad news: you cannot restore a 11.50xC3 instance to a11.50xC9 instance. the data is not compatible.

    I also can see a big problem, which is that your test/staging environment should be as similar as possible as the prod environment. The Informix version is not a "negotiable" point. Versions must be simila, else you will test different things, making your tests invalid

    One Solution:
    1) install both 11.50xC3 and 11.50xC9 on the staging machine, in different, 2) copy the sqlhosts file and $ONCONFIG from xC3 to xC9 and
    3) prepare one environment setting script for each version.

    After this:
    4) log on the the xC3 environment
    5)restore with the xC3 environment,
    6 shutdown informix,
    7) connect to the fC9 environment
    8) restart Informix.
    In seconds, the instance will migrate from xC3 to xC9.

    Repeat the procedure steps 4 to 8 every time you restore.

    Now for simplicity and test accuracy, I would strongly suggest to install xC3 on the test environment only.

    Now regarding your chunks problem:
    the bad news: you cannot restore a backup containing N dbspaces/chunks to an instance containing less dbspaces/chunks

    the good news: if your chunks are based on cooked files ( filesystem files)
    create the exact same names on the target instance
    chmod all of them to chmod 660
    chown all of them to informix:informix

    check that the files can handle at least the same size as production, not less
    After this you can restore.

    Hope this helps

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