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    Exclamation Unanswered: ORA-01033 while connecting to Oracle 10g R1

    Hi Gurus, Suddenly Oracle database 10g R1 is not connecting. The error occors "ERROR: ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress'. I tried to connect as system/manager then it shows insufficient Privileges. Then I moved to DOS and type sqlplus/nolog, it opened the sql* then issued the following
    conn / as sysdba
    conn sys/manager as sysdba
    it doesn't connect. I'll be grateful to you if you can help me in this regard. My address is thanks.

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    I've moved your post to its own thread, and put a more descriptive subject on it.

    Your question may get more attention, but I'll be surprised if anyone from DBForums emails you. An email conversation can help the participants (usually two), whereas a forum discussion can help many (sometimes thousands over a span of years).

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    >it doesn't connect.
    while likely 100% true, it is also 100% devoid of any actionable detail.
    my car won't go
    tell me how to make my car go

    Open COMMAND WINDOW & do EXACTLY as below

    / as sysdba
    shutdown abort

    COPY the results from above then PASTE all back here
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Oracle database 10g doesn't connect while I used the following commands:
    from the DOS, SQLPLUS/NOLOG
    1. conn / as sysdba RESULT = insufficient privileges
    2. conn sys/manager RESULT = insufficient privileges
    3. conn system/manager RESULT = insufficient privileges
    4. conn system/manager as sysdba RESULT = insufficient privileges
    5. conn sys/manager as sysdba RESULT = insufficient privileges

    If database is not connecting how can I give shutdown command. First I need to connect the db.

    Please tell me any solution to connect the db. Thank you very much.

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    5. conn sys/manager as sysdba RESULT = insufficient privileges
    This error message sometimes shows when you use the wrong password.
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    Where is the database. The commands that anacedent gave will only work on the machine where the database lives and only when logged on as the user which owns the database.
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