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    Unanswered: Gateway Payment Integration

    defined('_JEXEC') OR die('Restricted Area');

    class vikBookingPayment {

    private $order_info;

    public function __construct ($order) {

    /** This is the method showPayment() */
    public function showPayment () {


    $form="<form action=\"" method="post" target="_top" id="upay_form" name="upay_form" >";
    $form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"mercId\" value=\"0111\"/>";
    $form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"currCode\" value=\"566\"/>";
    $form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"amt\" value=\"".$this->order_info['total_to_pay']."\"/>";
    $form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"orderId\" value=\"".$this->order_info['transaction_name']."\"/>";
    $form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"prod\" value=\"".$this->order_info['rooms_name']."\"/>";
    $form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"email\" value=\"".$this->order_info['account_name']."\"/>";

    $form.="<input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"Pay\"/>";

    if($this->order_info['leave_deposit']) {

    $depositmess="<p><strong>".JText::_('VBLEAVEDEPOSI T')." ".number_format($this->order_info['total_to_pay'], 2)." ".$this->order_info['currency_symb']."</strong></p><br/>";


    //output form

    echo $depositmess;

    echo $this->order_info['payment_info']['note'];

    echo $form;

    return true;




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    Please help me to correct the code, i could not call up the gateway. Can someone help me. I know i have a problem on the code

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    talk to the service provider
    use their test servers
    I have no experience of diamond bank, but I have integrated sagepay on a couple of sites. I found the sagepay approach frustrating, however the error reports were invaluable in debugging the code

    as an absolute miniumum whilst in development make certain that hidden forfm items are correct, displaying sane values. to prove that echo the values
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