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    Unanswered: Concatenate & Sort

    Hi, I currently have a query to concatenate several fields

    [field1] & " " & [field2] & " " & [field2]

    However is there a way that when the query combines these field to sort them alphabetically so something like

    field1 field2 field3
    pears apples raspberries

    looks like

    apples pears raspberries

    This also needs to maintain any fields that have a two word entry like
    "sean adams" however sorted by the "s"

    Hope that all makes sense.


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    If I understand you correctly that you attached is what you wanted?
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    That is exactly what I am after! Thanks! However I have no idea how to deconstruct this and implement it into my database. I am not an advanced user and as such don't really know much about the SQL module or the union that is there.

    I have a table that has the items listed in the correct order in records. I then run a crosstab query to get them all into one row then use concatenate to make that one field. The problem is that when I run the crosstab query it re-sorts the columns into alphabetical order instead of keeping the order they are in the table. If that makes any sense.

    Sorry to be a newbie >_<

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