Hi All,

I have a query in MySQL and i am making a crystal report by using this.
Now inside the query i have a column called scan_mode and it is coming from gfi_transaction table.This scan_mode i am using in report to suppress some sections.But some times this value is coming null for some transaction id's.

So now i want to take this scan_mode as separate query so that it will work.
Can any one please help how i can modify the below query to take only scan_mode column.

cc.cost_center_code AS cccde,
cc.name AS ccnme,gf.scan_mode,
cc.cost_center_id AS ccid,
site.name AS siteme,
crncy.currency_locale AS currency_locale,
cntry.language AS LANGUAGE,
cntry.country_name AS cntrynm,
crncy.decimal_digits AS rnd,
gf.transaction_no AS Serial_No,
brnd.name AS brand_name,
rsn.description AS reason,
gf.comment AS COMMENT,
ts.status_description AS STATUS,
DATE_FORMAT(gf.created_date,'%d/%m/%Y') AS created_date,
gf.created_by AS created_by,
IFNULL(gf.approval_no,'Not authorized') AS Trans_no,
gf.approved_date AS approval_dt,
gf.approved_by AS approved_by,gf.status AS status1,
IFNULL(loc.cost_center_code,cc.cost_center_code) AS cur_location,
,DATE_FORMAT(document_ref_date1,'%d/%m/%Y')) AS invoice_no
gfi_transaction gf
INNER JOIN gfi_instruction gfn ON (gf.transaction_id=gfn.transaction_id)
INNER JOIN gfi_document_instruction doc ON (gf.ref_transaction_no = doc.document_instruction_id)
INNER JOIN reason rsn ON (gf.reason_id = rsn.reason_id)
INNER JOIN gfi_status ts ON (gf.status = ts.gfi_status_id)
INNER JOIN transaction_type tt ON (gf.transaction_type_id = tt.transaction_type_id)
INNER JOIN brand brnd ON(gf.brand_id=brnd.brand_id)
-- cc details
INNER JOIN cost_center cc ON (brnd.parent_brand = cc.brand_id OR gf.brand_id = cc.brand_id)
INNER JOIN site site ON(cc.site_id = site.site_id)
INNER JOIN country cntry ON (site.country_id = cntry.country_id)
INNER JOIN currency crncy ON (cntry.currency_id=crncy.currency_id)
LEFT OUTER JOIN alshaya_location_details loc ON
(gf.brand_id = loc.brand_id AND loc.cost_center_id = gf.cost_centre_id)
LEFT OUTER JOIN alshaya_location_details locto ON
(locto.cost_center_id = gf.from_cost_center_id)
AND rsn.transaction_type_id IN (10,11,14)