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    Unanswered: please help

    hey I am new to the programming world and really need to know just meaning of the following line

    Set family_rs = cn.Execute("select distinct(family) from family_tab")
    While family_rs.EOF = False

    please help

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    Set family_rs = cn.Execute("select distinct(family) from family_tab")
    the set statement opens a (DAO) recordset using the SQL 'select distinct(family) from family_tab'.
    that SQL means select distinct family fro the table family_tab. presumably family is the family surname

    While family_rs.EOF = False
    means iterate through the recordset generated above until the code reaches the end of the rows returned in that recordset.

    normally there's a set of statements after the while, ending in a wend statement which defines the loop the code will run until the EOF condition is met. Im surprised there is no test to see if no rows were returned. see the documentation on DAO recordsets for details
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