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    Unanswered: I need help!! Error msg


    I need some help. Our office uses BD for all contacts and student records, yesterday, I had to reboot my computer by just hitting the power button because there was no other way. Now I am getting a 'runtime error 62 Input past end of file' I do have back ups of the database but how can i fix this? If I have to uninstall am I able to reinstall without buying the program again? I've only been here a few months and I am the only one who can figure this out. Please help!

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    Dear tki,

    If you have the key you don´t need buy another, just insert the key.
    If you haven´t the key now, just re-install bdb and you will have 30 days to put the key.
    You need locate the backup file. Click star->search *.bdb
    The last backup is a number with ~. Look the major value and rename and copy to prevent lost.
    Open this database just clicking on the file and use File->Database Maintenance and click butons "Analyse" and then "Optimize". It will take a few minutes depending the size of your database.

    - Christian

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    Thanks Christian, I will remember that. But what I did yesterday was use the System Restore program on the PC, and that worked perfectly. No info lost and none of my new data was touched

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