Hello All,

I am new to this group but I have been following this website.

I have an MS Access Database where I stored basically all of the data of my company.

First, I wanted to automate the Leave application form allowing only 10% of the population to go on leave on a day to day basis. But before they will be approved, they should not be able to submit a request unless they still have leave credits.

Their leave credits is computed as earned 0.027/day or 0.87/month for SL and VL both separately. Any Sick Leave, and or absences will deduct 0.027 a day and any half day absences will deduct half of 0.027.

I have their attendance of course and on the description Column, the following are present:
P: Present
UA: Unauthorized Absence
AA: Authorized Absence
VL: Vacation leave
SL: Sick Leave
HSL: Half Day Sick Leave
HVL: Half Day vacationLeave

I have an excel file where I have already made a formula and by refreshing daily, will provide me their most updated SL and VL.

What I want to do is to make sure they will received an email every 21st of the month telling them how much credits is left.

Also, I need a form where they can apply for leave

I need to transfer the formula from excel back to access, besides all my data in excel are actually from access.

I hope somebody from this knowledgeable group can help me.

Thanks a lot.