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    Unanswered: recover view defination in oracle

    i have mistakenly dropped a view in production database may i be guided how to recover the defination of that view.

    recyclebin is empty and tried the "select * from v$sqlarea" ;

    didn't find anything.

    appreciate your help.


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    Unless you have your SQLs stored somewhere that definition is gone. You will need to restore your backup.

    If you don't store your DDL scripts in a version control system and you don't have a backup then clearly the view wasn't that important to start with.

    Btw: V$SQLAREA only contains SQL statements that have been executed recently. Even if the view had been used, you'd only find a SELECT * FROM VIEW_NAME in there.
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    Do you have a Test/Development database that you can use to recreate the definition?
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    Thanks for your help.

    Seems the view is gone. it was on client database.

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