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    Unanswered: Hive insert with openquery


    My question is based on this article

    Import Hadoop Data into Analysis Services Tabular | Ayad Shammout's SQL & BI Blog

    Mentioned in the article is an example of using openquery to perform select statement on a Hive table through a linkedserver.

    I was wondering how can i also perform an insert statement with openquery?

    I understand that for example to insert into Hive is to use a Load command, like:

    load data inpath '/tmp/data.csv' overwrite into table tableA;
    How do i execute this with openquery? I've tried the example below and some slight variations but all I get in return were syntax errors

    insert openquery (linkedserverName, 'load data inpath '/tmp/data.csv' overwrite into table tableA;')
    Hope to hear from somebody on the correct syntax

    Thank you,


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    Insert data in Hadoop from SQL Server by using Openquery.

    Hi there,

    Have look at this:

    Maybe it will help you achieve what you are trying todo.

    Good luck.

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