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    Unanswered: Help with first Access application

    I have attached a PDF document containing my first cut at designing the tables for an application I would like to write in Access (2007).

    In short, it's an application to keep track of the continuing education hours (CEUs) required for the licensing board and a certification agency. The CEUs are earned by attending workshops and conferences, which award CEUs for completion of the course.

    The two sets of requirements differ in the term length, the end date, and the number of hours both total and in specific categories.

    I am currently keeping track of this in an Excel worksheet. Before that, in a Word table. Both required a fair bit of manual calculations and incurred some errors. This is not a critical application, but I think it would be a good one to learn with.

    The basic idea is to enter the courses from time to time and have the program calculate the progress against the minimums. It would need to be able to reset the calculations each time a renewal period restarts.

    I hope all of the salient details are included in the attached PDF.

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    First Access Application

    Here is a good site for Data Modeling.

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