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    Acquiring 4NF given a table

    I basically have a list of 3 possible multivalued dependencies. I have to figure out which one is the right one and then split the given table into 2 according to the fourth normalform (4NF).

    My possibilities are:
    a X->->Y, X->->Z
    b Y->->X, Y->->Z
    c Z->->X, Z->->Y

    This is an example of an exam question which I will most definitely get. The problem is I don't understand the first thing about this 4th database normalisation technique.
    What I got from many Google-searches and YouTube-movies is that if X->->Y that means that for 1 X-value there are multiple Y values.

    But how do I determine which one of these rules applies to the given table?
    I've included a screenshot of set table as an attachment, if anyone could help me figure out this 4NF I would be ever grateful.
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    As far as my understanding goes with 4nf normalization you have to split the table into two tables with a common key.

    See also:
    Database Normalization Full Tutorial - Page 4


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