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    Unanswered: Control your PC like Tom Cruse Minority report.

    Hi guys.
    Here's a little something you might like. There is a new device called Leap Motion on the market. It's kind of like Microsoft Kinect and it allows you to operate your computer with your hands. It creates a 3D space 2ft x 2ft x 2ft in the air, and you can put your hands in side this space and control software.

    Great fun for games, but there are tools also available for operating your PC like TouchLess and GameWave. There's one called AirKey which is open source thermal operated app, so, I decided a while back to start writing a GUI for it, and over time it developed into quite a lot.

    Here's a few screen shots.
    Downloadable HERE


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    As usual, I am years behind you! I rediscovered the Leap Motion Controller a couple of month's ago and ordered one. I have been using this tool, along with the Unity3d game engine, to add another dimension to the training tool that is being developed for our soon-to-be doctor's office. Additionally, I have been experimenting with incorporating augmented reality (using Vuforia) in this training environment... interesting stuff! Although I still visit the dBForums almost everyday, this is the reason that I am not posting my typical endless questions.
    Daryl G

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